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5 Tips For Healthy Living

5 Tips For Healthy Living

About 9 years ago, when my husband and I moved into our first home together, while making a list of things we’d need, my husband helped me realise something that I’d never considered before until then. He told me we aren’t getting a microwave and to take it off the list.


Like many people, ever since they had become popular I always had one and
considered it a part of every kitchen, even though I used it more to heat up my leg waxing strips than to heat my food, it still seemed like something you SHOULD have in every modern home.


This made me have a look at the rest of my house and life to see other simple
things I could add or remove to make my goal of living a healthy life a
reality, especially as we had just had our first child, who was premature and a little more vulnerable than a child born full term.

 I was shocked to discover how many chemicals, frequencies and pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis from the food in our fridge to the laminate flooring or plastic carpets we walk on daily.


I can’t move to a log cabin in the mountains, that’s fuelled by solar panels and
has a well to provide water, but you might be surprised how far you can go with simple changes.

By the way when I say healthy, I mean living without as many artificial,
synthetic, convenient and sometimes dangerous trappings of modern life as possible, that have become so ingrained in our lives and culture that we don’t really know how to live without them, until now!



1. Bin the microwave – Amongst a hundred other reasons, they make us so lazy when it comes to food preparation it’s ridiculous, our children’s generation  aren’t even going to know how to boil water at a stove much less cook or prepare a whole meal with one if we aren’t careful. They emit extremely high levels of radiation, which affect anyone standing near them and the food they spit out. There is nothing wholesome or healthy about them, they are number one on my hit list, get rid of them NOW.


2. Drink water – That’s what your body is designed to drink, everything else is
new school, for the most part, let’s keep it old school and guzzle as much of that crystal punch as possible, so that your brain, skin, digestive system and other vital organs get the cleansing hydrating benefit of this life giving beverage.


3.Personal Hygiene – Deodorants, soaps and toothpaste are good places to start when you want to reduce you and your families’ exposure to harmful chemicals. Buying natural brands without the harmful additives can again take you one step closer to the way we used to live. Fluoride and sugar free toothpastes like Kingfisher, aluminium free deodorant like Toms of Maine and mild, more natural soaps like African black soap or Dr Bonner’s Castile soaps, are all good ways to go.




4. “If you can’t read the label, don’t bring it to the table” – This way you can be sure, or more confident that what you are eating is wholesome. Sugar can come in many forms and names, so if you don’t know them all, you could be eating it
several times a day and wonder why your diet or healthy lifestyle isn’t giving
you the results you’d expect.


5. Cook once, eat twice, less work, big smiles – Getting back to preparing most of your foods from their basic elements is a great way to make sure your food is as health giving as possible. If you can start by making one or two big meals from scratch, in big enough portions so that there’s enough for 2 meals, will also cut down the time involved in cooking each meal from scratch if time is a consideration.

healthy eating

So try making a tomato sauce for pasta that doesn’t come from a bottle, make your own burgers and sausages, breads, cakes and cookies. Make a fish pie or apple pie that doesn’t take 3 mins on 900W and chips from scratch, Even if the foods you make aren’t typically considered health foods, there are always healthier ways of making them until you are ready to move away from them.


Now go forth and enjoy living healthy!!!


Take care and stay healthy

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