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All courses are FREE on Amun University


All free???


Are you crazy???

Well maybe a little, let me explain 🙂

I’ve worked on the site getting it ready for launch for the last 9 months and another few months on my course The Naturally You Health Booster , both of which I’m super proud of. I also got my brother Julian Hal The Ultrapreneur to add one of his amazing courses on here too How To Become An Amazon Bestselling Author Overnight.

But as a new site and a new idea, I want to make sure it works perfectly for you all so you get to learn in the best way possible and our experts get to feature the courses in the best way possible too.

So I need YOU!!!!

I need you to enroll in the courses for FREE and let me know what you think of them, then leave me feedback in the survey at the end of your courses that we can use to improve the site.

During this test month I’d also love you to let me know what other courses and experts you’d like me to add to the site and the more the merrier!!!


So spread the word!!!!

All courses added to the site until wed 3rd Feb 2016 will be your for FREE

Just visit our Courses or Enroll Now pages to get your free now


All the bes


Amun University Founder


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