Personal Money And Budget Management




Have you fallen into debt and can’t seem to get yourself out?

Do you want to learn how to manage your money so you’re out of debt but still able to enjoy life?

Do you want a simple plan to follow to help be in control of your money, get bailiffs off your back and keep your stress free?

Then you need…

Personal Money & Budget Management

From Tokie Laotan Brown

personal money management budgeting


In this course, which includes videos, mp3s and pdfs, you’ll learn how to

    • Get Organised
    • Assess Your Situation
    • Work Out Your Budget
    • Reduce Your Debt
    • Deal With Debt
    • Manage Payments
    • Evaluate Budgets Regularly
    • Setting Financial Goals
    • Deal With A Spend Thrift Partner
    • Hold Everyone Accountable
    • And much more

About the course:

This course comes with

  • 10 videos (77mins total)
  • 10 mp3 audios to listen to online or download (77mins total)
  • Course notes for each module


The course modules are

Module 1 Get Organized
This first and most important step gets you clear on your current financial situation so you know exactly what you're starting with
Unit 1 Getting Organised
Module 2 Assessing Your Situation
This module looks at pin pointing and assessing all your outgoings and learning how to deal with each one
Unit 1 Assessing Your Situation
Module 3 Work Out Your Budget
This module will show you exactly how to create a household budget plan that will keep your finances in order moving forward
Unit 1 Working Out Your Budget
Module 4 Debt Reduction
Here you'll discover how you can reduce the level of debt you have in the most effective way.
Unit 1 Debt Reduction
Module 5 Dealing With Debt
Here you'll learn how to deal with your creditors and make arrangements that are best for you to deal with your debts.
Unit 1 Dealing With Debt
Module 6 Managing Payments
Now you have a grip of your income and expenses, be clear about the best way to make payment to start clearing debt and staying on top of your current expenses
Unit 1 Managing Payments
Module 7 Evaluating Budgets Regularly
Your budget plan isn't set in stone once it's made, evaluating and changing it as your circumstances change is essential to changing your situation, learn exactly how to do it in this module
Unit 1 Evaluating Budgets Regularly
Module 8 Setting Financial Goals
With the extra money you'll hopefully be saving, you can start looking forward to create a future that's brilliant, so learn exactly how to set goals to achieve this
Unit 1 Setting Financial Goals
Module 9 Dealing With A Spendthrift Partner
If your partner isn't as committed to saving and managing your finances as you are, don't them ruin your hard work, learn how to set things up so you can still achieve your goal without upsetting them too much
Unit 1 Dealing With A Spendthrift Partner
Module 10 Holding Everyone Accountable
Learn how this can help you be more successful with your goals, plus get some additional resources to help your journey
Unit 1 Holding Everyone Accountable



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